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Witness: Pixxy
Location: Harlingen, Texas
Date of Encounter: early September 2002,

This took place at home. I have been to other haunted houses before with my friends who are a part of an organization down here, but this encounter (for a lack of a better term), was something I have never heard or read about before. Maybe someone else can offer an explanation.

One night I was asleep and something woke me up around two or three in the morning. It was really dark and warm in my room, and I could hear a faint static sound — like a radio with bad reception. At first I thought it was my CD player, but when I looked it was not on, but the sound was still there — just static and one faint voice that went in and out, like a radio. Then my eyes were drawn to the far-right corner of my room, on the ceiling there was something white and unrecognizable just "hovering" there. At first I passed it off as a dream or something else, but the occurrence happened twice more that week. Towards the end of October, it happened again. But this time I had a new experience along with the warmth and static — I had the sensation of being held against the bed. When I saw that white thing my first instinct was to sit up and run out of the room, but I couldn't move. I could barely turn over.

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