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Witness: Stephanie
Location: Millbrook, Alabama
Date of Encounter: August 1993

I was visiting my sister who lived in a house that was close to one hundred years old. She always claimed it was haunted, and I was always pretty skeptical because she had a pretty wild imagination. She once said that she awoke late one night to get something to drink and that the closet door next to the fireplace was open and Christmas ornaments that she kept in a box there were strewn on the carpet in front of the fireplace! I still didn't believe her… I just passed it off as some of her crazy antics. I never experienced anything out of the ordinary in her house… but I was shocked when I left her house around 10:30 PM one night. I said my goodbyes and got in my car and pulled out of her driveway onto the road. I got about 50 or so yards down the road from her house and saw an older gentleman walking across the road. I came to a complete stop wondering the whole time why this old man was out so late wondering around by himself. There were no homes on either side of the road. He was dressed in a black and red flannel shirt and denim overalls. He also had on a cap and boots. His hair was white as snow. As I stopped my car waiting for this old guy to cross the road, he turned his head to look at me and a few seconds later he just disappeared! It was like he just vaporized right in front of me. Needless to say it scared the heck out of me. My heart started pounding, I started shaking, and was in total disbelief! I got out of there as fast as I could and tried to gain my composure. I called my husband on my cell phone and told him about it. I could barely talk to him I was so shaken. Of course he didn't believe me and to this day he shakes his head as I tell my story to someone. Although my encounter didn't happen in my sister's home, I believe the man I saw may have lived there at one time. I still to this day know what I saw… it was no figment of my imagination and I will defend it to the day I die. Yes, I believe in ghosts!

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