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Occult Investigator: Real Cases From the Files of X-InvestigationsOccult Investigator: Real Cases From the Files of X-Investigations
By Bob Johnson
Publisher: Citadel Press (September 2004)
Pages: 222 – Price: $12.95 review

Bob Johnson is the founder of the first paranormal investigative company affiliated with a licensed New York detective agency. With his assistant Silvana, a Czech clairvoyant, the author takes us on an authentic journey of special cases he has investigated.

These cases will scare and fascinate the reader. If you are interested in the paranormal, this is a book that will please and entertain you!

Some of the excellent cases covered include: “The Curse of the Velvet Room Cafe,” “The Werewolf of Van Nuys,” “The Succubus,” “The Salem Witch Connection,” and “Andrea’s Strangler.” There are eleven cases shared with the reader, and each one is exciting reading. The introduction is an excellent guide to the cases.

This is the type of book that is three things: Educational, enjoyable, and entertaining reading. Stories about a cheating husband stopped by the other side, a woman possessed by a demon who turned her into a nymphomaniac, and others will definitely hold the reader’s attention in this well-written collection.

If you are looking for some unusual paranormal reading, Occult Investigator is the book for you. 

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