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Witness: Toni Moritz
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Encounter: 1974-2000

My name is Toni Moritz and my mother had sent an encounter to you that happened in my Grandmothers house which you have published [read Sharon Moritz's account here]. I would like to tell you what I have experienced in that same house.

First, I could never be in that house alone — the feeling of not actually being alone was too much — it just felt wrong. My Grandfather was a fireman so he would not be home on some nights and I would stay with my Gramma. I would sleep in her room and something would wake me up and I would hear footsteps like someone walking in their slippers and dragging their feet. It would come toward the bedroom and then just stop. I would hold the crucifix on my necklace and pray that it would go away and the feeling of someone there would go away. My brother had a room in the attack bedroom and I don't know how he slept up there. One day we were listening to records and we heard running across the attic and then pounding on the wall, but we already knew nobody was there. I asked him how he could stand it and he said he was just used to it. He said at night his bed "bumped" like someone bumping it on the end of it when he slept.

When I was about 12, my friend and I went upstairs to the attic with a Ouija board (dumb kids). The first question we asked was "Is there someone here?" The piece that moves went flying off the board and hit the bedroom door and made a chip in it. Needless to say we went flying as fast as we could out of there. Another time again in the attic bedroom with a friend I was telling her stories about the house and she kept telling me I was lying, then out of nowhere the whole room and all its contents started to shake. We flew to the door and were clawing at each other to get out. I don't know what was in that house, but I do remember my great Aunt who also lived at the house, used to "conjure" spirits through automatic writing. She used to tell me of the vision of an Indian she saw standing over her bed some nights. I have never seen anything in the house, only heard and felt.

Six years ago I moved into the house with my family to help with my ailing Gramma so she would not have to go to a nursing home. My sister-in-law was helping us move in and she felt sick in the basement and told me it was "dirty" down there. I was scared to death of moving in, but I loved my Gramma and did not want her to have to leave her home. The whole upstairs attic area was remodeled as was the kitchen and some other stuff. We lived there for about a year until my Gramma passed. In the year that I moved in, I never experienced any feelings of something there or any noises, bangs or footsteps, although I was always waiting for it. Whatever it was must have just left. 

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