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Witness: Kym and Dan
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Date of Encounter: February – March 2003

We are seeking help for a problem we are experiencing in Brisbane, Australia. We have sought help from other sources but believe after seeing your Web site you are very genuine and would appreciate any advice you can give on our situation.

I would be grateful if you could give us advice as we are desperate at this point and very tired and run down. Below details past experience, present experience, and what's happened up until tonight at 1:13 AM, it appears to be getting worse. I am not sure how to go about explaining this so I will do my best.

Over the past few nights, myself and my fiancé have been woken up at the same time every morning (usually around 1:15 AM). During the first night — which was about four nights ago, I woke up at 11:00 PM and had a horrible sensation go through my body. It felt like part of me had died inside, I felt nauseous, and very frightened when I woke. After a while I fell back to sleep but woke up again at 1:00 AM to go to the bathroom. I still had the nervy feeling and on my way back I looked up and in the room off our bedroom I saw the figure of a man sitting in the chair, but it was completely black — like a shadow. When I glanced back it was gone.

The next morning I told my fiancé who said he had seen the same shadow many times but didn't speak up out of fear I might not believe him. He also said he would often hear footsteps, doors opening, cupboards opening, etc.

The next two nights I heard someone whispering in my ear and could feel the breath. The pillows from my fiancé's side of the bed ended up over on my side in a straight line behind my back. Again the time was 1:15 AM in the morning.

The next night when we arrived home from being out, there was a foul smell in our bedroom — but only I could smell it. It smelled like a dirty, nappy smell — I got the air freshener and sprayed the room, but it took a while before the odor disappeared. My fiancé recalls a foul stench two weeks prior to this, but that time I couldn't smell it — again, it was around the area of our bedroom. Then the same night of the nappy smell, my fiancé was awoken at 1:15 AM by a screeching sound like a monkey or baboon, and it circled around the bed.

In the morning we started talking, I told him I slept through the night for once. He told me what he experienced, and he said it gave him cold chills when it happened. I told him when I was a kid I used to hear a strange noise at 1:00 in the morning every morning for almost a year — and it sounded like baboons screaming in pain. After a year, it stopped and I didn't hear it again for about eight years until we moved from Melbourne to Brisbane and I heard it the first night we moved, but never again. He asked me to make the noise I heard — when I did, the hair on his back stood up and he got instant goose bumps on his body as he said it was the same noise he heard during the night!

I am, or should I say both of us are feeling lost as to what to do, or how to handle this situation. It's not to the point where we are both petrified yet, but it's playing on our minds. Would getting our house blessed help? Or hanging up crucifixes in our bedroom and the areas of the house it happens?

This is from last night

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