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In Episode 350 Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger visit the swanky Watch Hill section of Westerly, Rhode Island, in search of some flying horses that were first reported here back in 1879 and have been seen by countless thousands of witnesses ever since.


Produced and hosted by: Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger
Edited by: Ray Auger
Theme Music by: John Judd

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  1. Hi Jeff, I came across your work while searching the web for any mention of Anna Pease’s grave on October Mountain. When I found your story I was struck by the fact that I saw no mention of the inscription below her name and dates. When I zoomed in on a picture of the stone I could see why; it’s no longer legible.

    In the mid 60s, when I was a camper and camp counselor in that area, I used to take young campers to that grave after telling ghost stories around a campfire. Anna Pease’s stone was still upright then, and the inscription still readable.

    The now faded inscription read, “Remember me as you pass by. As you are now so once was I. As I am now so you must be. Prepare for death and follow me.”

    There was one memorable time when, after returning to the campsite and sending the campers to their tents to sleep, the peace of the night was shattered by two, blood curdling screams off in the woods, close together in time but widely separated on either side of the area where the tents were pitched. No one, not even the older counselors, slept well that night.

    I sent this through a contact link on another page but I’m not sure it actually went through.

    All the best,
    Andrea Sears

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