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Witness: Johnathon
Location: Jersey Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Date of Encounter: April 14, 2003

Right well, this all began when I was about 6 or 7 and I asked my mum if she believed in ghosts and she replied with, "No, but your Nan does. She said she saw a ghost at the farm we lived at when I was your age." She also told me that it was a dairy farm in St. Mary's which was key to this whole story.

Of course I then went to ask my Nan about it a couple of days later. She told me that even though she lived there for 15 years she saw the ghost twice, she could still remember her exact description.

"The ghost was a little girl, she was wearing a Victorian outfit and was see-through," Nan said.

She then went on to tell me what happened when she saw her the first time. She told me the ghost was standing at the end of a corridor looking out of the window. My Nan then told me she wiped her eyes but still the girl was there. The whole experience supposedly lasted about a minute but she was standing still the whole time. She told me the only reason it ended was because she went to go and get my grandpa to come and look, but on their return the little girl had vanished.

The second experience however she was brave enough to try and talk to the girl (this was 6 years later) — when they came face-to-face whilst my Nan was in the barn. She said she could hear what the girl was saying even though she was not moving her lips. I never found out exactly what she said.

After that I really didn't do anything about it until I was about 12 and in my secondary school. My friend and I were talking about ghosts (as he said his house was haunted) and I mentioned what my Nan had told me. We carried on talking and eventually it was the end of lunch and we went to English. That Particular day we had a supply teacher in. We had a to do an essay in pairs about a topic of our choice and describe exactly what it was and if we had ever done it (in our case, experienced it). We decided that my Nan's story would suit the essay better than his stories. When our teacher came over she asked what topic we were doing and we replied "Ghosts" she then mentioned her Nan had moved into an old dairy farm in St. Mary's (which were now flats) and she said her Nan had seen a ghost there as well (this was before she read or heard my Nan's story!). My friend and I started to get excited about this and we decided at the end of the lesson we would ask her about the ghost. She said all her Nan had seen were blue flashes in the corridors near the window at the end. As soon as we heard that, my friend and I knew this was no coincidence. I'm now 15 and am soon to go into these set of flats with a camera to see exactly what is happening there.

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