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Witness: Nina
Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: October or November of 1995

I had moved into a one-bedroom in Amherst and everything about it was "spooky." There was a dead tree right in front of my bay window — it was rotten, yet it was still growing — it still had leaves in the summer time. Anyway, I moved in with my cat. Things were okay, there was a pencil drawing on the walls that said "Jesus Saves" and "Jesus died for our sins." I tried to get them off with soap and water but the only thing that came off was the paint and the pencil marks got darker and more pronounced. I was cold all of the time but I figured it was the electric heat that I had. Then things started happening. I had a bathroom off of my bedroom which kept on flooding for no apparent reason. It flooded my bedroom and soaked my mattress. Then my basement started flooding (that’s where I did my laundry).
There were power tools in the basement and one time I had a guest over and when he checked them and turned them on, the power tools wouldn't shut off.

I just kept saying to myself that I would unpack the rest of my stuff when I get to six months of my stay here. More and more little strange things were happening. I had talked to my neighbors and asked them who was the prior tenant that had lived there and I was told that he was a paranoid schizophrenic and was taken away by the ambulance because he had blockaded himself in this here apartment for three days.

One night I had woken up and a large man was standing over me with a red plaid shirt on and wearing suspenders. When I blinked my eyes, he was gone. This happened two more times.

On another occasion, I had guests over and one of them worked for the local Fire Department and EMT. He had said that he had been in the apartment before. So I said, "Yeah, he was mentally ill and locked himself in for three days." My friend said, "Try dying," and I was like, "What?!" My friend told me that the previous tenant died and was dead for three days. I moved out three weeks later.

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