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Mystery of Reincarnation: The Evidence & Analysis of RebirthMystery of Reincarnation: The Evidence & Analysis of Rebirth
By J. Allan Danelek
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (May 2005)
Pages: 329 – Price: $16.95 review

This is a contemporary, well-written book about reincarnation. It covers the evidence and gives a balanced analysis.

There are two sections to this nonfiction book. Part one details what the debate is about and why, and gives the reader the fundamentals concerning reincarnation. The historical foundation of reincarnation in Western thought is discussed, and evidence for and against reincarnation from scientific, moral, and religious perspectives is defined. A memorable reading experience greets the reader with the topic of how past lives may affect his or her current hobbies, interests, and personality.

The second section of the book covers theories of the process of rebirth. There is an in-depth discussion of what the soul is attempting to achieve through many incarnations. Karma, old souls, and soul mates are analyzed.

Of further interest is the examination of possible reincarnation references found in the Gnostic texts as well as in the Bible. This book fascinates with its abundance of facts.

J. Allan Danelek lives in Colorado. This is his second book.

Readers will find much of interest in this book on reincarnation. “A New Perspective on Karma” is but one of the many sections which will hold your interest. Excellent.

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