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The Art of the PendulumThe Art of the Pendulum
By Cassandra Eason
Publisher: Weiser Books (April 2005)
Pages: 131 – Price: $12.95 review

Cassandra Eason, author of twenty-five books, has written a fine guide to the divination technique utilizing the pendulum. In addition to writing, she also teaches psychic development.

A practical book, exercises commence with the beginning to the advanced. Basic theories and practices of dowsing are covered. Easton shares with the readers several techniques for healing, finding lost items, identifying energy fields, and making life decisions.

Different pendulums are discussed and ways to select the best pendulum for your personal use. This is an excellent overview of how pendulums work and how you can work with them to achieve your goals.

The book contains nine chapters and introduction. The chapter on dowsing and health is helpful, and presents sound data for use.

If you are looking for a good reading experience and a helpful guide to the art of the pendulum, this is the book. Congratulations to Cassandra Eason on a fine book dealing with a complex topic. Concise, clear, and enjoyable are the three words that best sum up this book.

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