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Witness: Max Landis
Location: Brooklyn, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: October 21, 2002

A whole bunch of weird events have been happening around my school lately — I attend The Learning Clinic, a coed boarding school for kids with learning, behavior, or social disorders. The only weird thing I have experienced happened yesterday. I was walking from Brooklyn Building to Overlook Building when I saw a thing, perhaps a squirrel or a bird, go darting across the road (Route 169). It moved towards me very quickly on the stone path, and I thought that I might be able to catch it as it ran by. On impulse, I stuck my foot out into its way. Upon impact with my foot, the thing, what appeared to be some kind of small animal, went shooting up my leg, made three circles around my chest, then zoomed up my neck and jumped (or maybe flew) off the top of my head. The Overlook driveway is a ten-foot-wide barren rock path, and I searched around for the creature (or whatever it was) but couldn't find it.

It then struck me how much the sensation of the thing climbing me had reminded me of receiving an electrical shock, and I was very shaken (due to many recent reports of varying credulity of ghostly encounters from my fellow students). I do NOT believe in ghosts, and thus am hesitant to even classify my encounter with Mystery Mammal as a paranormal experience. However, some things need to be looked at for what they are, and I can honestly say what happened was certainly not in concurrence with the normal way of things as I know it.

A couple of minutes passed, and then I observed a second creature running across the street. This one I let pass (though I still couldn't get a good look at it — it looked grayish, probably a quadruped, but I couldn't discern much more than that). It ran down the length of the Overlook driveway and disappeared into Breeze Field (a field behind a residential house). I sat down and waited longer, being in no hurry, and observed two more of the things pass. Then, realizing I was late for Civics, I hurried into the building, shaken but not really upset.

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