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Witness: Gail
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Date of Encounter: April 10, 2002

My mother passed away January 6, 2000. Since then there have been a lot of legal battles over her estate. Her birthday is on April 6th and mine is April 10th. A friend of mine mailed me a bouquet of flowers whereupon I put them in back of my mother's photo frame and said, "Mom, I know you like flowers… happy birthday, anyways." Well, on my birthday about 10 p.m. I was watching TV. All of a sudden the computer turned off (it was on idle), then the TV, then the microwave went off. These three things run on three different fuses in the power box. I checked them. I turned back on my computer, TV, and reset the microwave timer… then went to sit down to watch TV. A few minutes later, the computer went off, the TV went off, and the microwave went off. The fuses were not burnt. I turned all three things back on. Again, five minutes later they went off.

I decided to leave them off. I said out loud, "Mom, if that's you, I recognize it's you saying happy birthday to me." I went to bed and as I laid down I heard a loud thump in the living room. I was afraid to get up and take a look, so I went to sleep. The next day I went into the living room to look around (I don't usually keep change on the floor or the rug) but I found a clean penny with the date that had the year 1999. It was the last full year that my mom lived. I found it underneath the computer table where I usually sit to do my work. Since then, there have been no more incidents like that one.

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