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Witness: Nicole
Location: Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Date of Encounter: Summer of 2007

My mother went out on a date with her boyfriend one night so my cousin, Kirstie babysat me and my friend Cassie. At first everything was normal, Cassie and I were watching TV in the living room and Kirstie was with us but on the couch reading. We watched TV until about 7:30, that's when everything started to happen. First the door to go down stairs started slowly opening. Kirstie told us not to worry, it was just the wind, she went to shut and lock it. Then we started hearing very loud stomps making their way up the stairs… all of a sudden, the door swung open. Kirstie told us she probably didn't lock it right and she sent us to our room. We didn't even bother asking about the sounds!

To get Cassie and my mind off the subject, we started playing a game while Kirstie started listening to her iPod. Then the door to my room started opening, so again Kirstie went to shut it. As soon as she was about to sit back down, it swung open and made a huge crash (it even dented my wall). Kirstie told us to get up onto the bunk bed and she would stay down there, we asked her what was happening and in a very quivery voice she told us she didn't know.

We all fell asleep until about 10:30 when we woke up to my room shaking and to my surprise Cassie slept right through this. I quickly jumped down from my bunk bed and hustled up to Kirstie. She randomly realized her iPod was still on, and at the exact moment she shut it off, the room stood still. Then she turned it back on, and again the room started shaking, except this time it was only the floor. It felt like millions of people pounding on the ceiling from down stairs. So she turned it off. She stared at her iPod terrified and chucked it across the room. Then we both curled up into a ball in the corner of the room, me balling my eyes out! That's when we started hearing voices, they were just mumbling so we couldn't make out what it was saying but I could have sworn it was coming from the vents attached to down stairs. Just then, my mom came home. We told her what happened and she confessed that she has been seeing things in the bathroom mirror (but she didn't explain what she saw).

The next day I did some research in the library about our house and it said that our house was built in 1901 and that in 1928 an tragic experience happened, an old women named Rose died in the house, in the downstairs of the house. It was talking about how they are just glad she died in peace since she died in her rocking chair. This was the same rocking chair that we found in the carpet-covered cellar when we moved in.

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