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My Proof of SurvivalMy Proof of Survival: Personal Accounts of Contact With the Hereafter
By Andrew Honigman
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (December 2003)
Pages: 312 – Price: $12.95 review

Andrew Honigman has compiled and edited a remarkable collection of personal accounts concerned with contact with the hereafter. These accounts are taken from the case files of FATE Magazine. A nonfiction work rich in theme and substance,

  1. My Proof of Survival will greatly interest readers of the paranormal.

The book has an informative introduction followed by many chapters examining the contacts with the supernatural. A chapter heading is given, followed by the true accounts. Chapter 1 is titled “Messages” and examines communications from the other side. Chapter 2 is titled “Apparitions” and examines return visits by the departed. Chapter 3 is titled “Warnings” and examines those saved by the dead. Chapter 4 is titled “Unfinished Business” and examines the promises kept and tasks completed after death. Chapters which follow are “Children and Ghosts,” “Visions,” “From Long Ago,” Companions,” “Permanent Occupations,” “Restless Spirits,” “Curtain Calls,” and “Blessings.” An afterword concludes this finely crafted collection of true events.

There is much to recommend in this book. It is accurate, enjoyable reading, and the facts given and examined hold the reader’s interest. Some of the accounts are a couple of pages long which means there is much to read in this book, and different experiences to be shared with the reading audience. This is a true ghost story collection with class!

For instance, the chapter titled “Blessings” discusses gifts from the departed. Its memorable accounts include “My Father’s Message,” “The Blue Sweater,” “Mother Insisted,” “Angelic Answers,” “The Bookmark,” the memorable “A Gift From India,” among others. “A Gift From India” is a classic account of its kind.

In the chapter titled “Restless Spirits,” the reader will discover such accounts as “Spectral Lovers” and “Vision in the Cottage.” There is “The Comeback” and “Diana” in the chapter titled “Apparitions.”

These 12 chapters in My Proof of Survival hold many treats and surprises for the reading audience. Those with a keen interest in cases of animal survival in the hereafter will find the chapter on “Companions” highly intriguing reading with such accounts as “The Phantom Cat,” “Pepper,” “My Friend, The Medium,” and “Poncho.”

The chapters titled “Apparitions,” “Unfinished Business” and “Children and Ghosts” will also appeal to a wide reading audience. The account “Little Boots” from “Children and Ghosts” is one fine example that highlights the overall straight-forward, honest approach of the book as a whole, and will remain in the reader’s mind long after having read this account.

Andrew Honigman has done an excellent job in editing and compiling this book. My Proof of Survival is not only highly recommended reading but is also a must-have reference book for those interested in the paranormal. This book is worth your time and money.

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