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Witness: Joy Luttrell
Location: Elmer, Louisiana
Date of Encounter: 2009-2010

My stepfather passed away in late August 2008 during two hurricanes here in Louisiana. In the spring of 2009, my sister who inherited the bulk of his estate, enquired as to what I would prefer, money or something else. I told her that I wanted a place to live that I could call my own. So she decided to invest the money she put aside for me and my kids toward building a house on some land she purchased. This land is located on a dead end road in a very rural part of Louisiana. When I say dead end, I mean it, for the road actually ends at a cemetery.

The house construction was begun in May of 2009, with construction finishing in November of the same year. During construction, my brother-in-law and sister would sometimes hear people talking just out of earshot, and they would hear somebody approaching on foot. A house with no sides was easy enough to look toward the approaching person, and every time this happened, no one was there. They told me about their experiences and were confused, but not scared, jokingly saying the house is haunted even before it is built.

When I moved into this new home, I didn't feel any spooky feelings of any sort. I was just proud that my family built me a beautiful home for me and my child. So when I had my first experience I was somewhat surprised, but not scared. It was while I was in the shower that I heard the sudden intake of breath from the other side of the shower door. I was alone in the house at the time. The next experience I had was upon coming home one day after work I unlocked my door and heard what sounded like a conversation taking place in my bedroom. It quit as soon as I stepped inside the house. I don't own a radio, and the television was off at the time. Sometimes at night I hear what could be described as "throat clearing" just before I dose off to sleep. Nothing has been moved, and I haven't been "touched." I know there have been Indian artifacts like arrowheads found on the property. The oddest thing happened New Years eve 2009. A friend was over visiting for the holiday, and she asked me and my daughter to sit down by saying, "Everyone, sit down for a picture." The photo she took on her digital camera came out looking weird, kind of like creatures sitting on me and my daughter's laps. Note that there had been a funeral that day. The occurrences are random, and haven't harmed me or my daughter in any way.

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