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Witness: Debra Schleich
Location: Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Date of Encounter: October 9, 2010

ghost photo taken in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

About a week ago I was driving past my old childhood home just north of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Elkhorn is a small farming town in southern Wisconsin with a population (then) of 5,000. After graduating from high school my family moved away in 1987. Foster Road is a rural country road surrounded by corn fields, oak trees, creeks, and farms. I stopped my car to snap a few pictures of my old house and then saw the giant tree that used to scare me as a young girl (as you can see, it has a dramatic, scary appearance). It was in the field right outside my bedroom window, and as a kid, I used to cower in fear under my covers because night-after-night, I would hear a scratching sound against my bedroom screen/window. My family also had several haunting experiences in the house (adjacent to this tree), which we still bring up from time-to-time. A ghostly light appeared one time in an antique chair, another time we heard a small child whimpering and sniffling in a dark unlit corner of our musty, damp, cement-block basement (the type of basement that old homes have). Our home also had a strange feeling of oppression at all times, a feeling like something was watching you, a presence or a feeling like you were not alone. I never had this feeling once I left the house — ever!

I snapped a bunch of pictures that day of the house, nearby creek, fields, etc. I then went for to visit my Dad in a nearby town, and on Sunday night flew home to Colorado. Later that night I was showing my husband the pictures and noticed something strange by the tree. Zoomed in and this is what I saw. I have no idea what this is, but just had to share! Blue head, two eyes, mouth, and body? Do you see it? ghost photo taken in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

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