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The Child's Room by Frank Grace
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Witness: Cealiz Macatangay
Location: Calaca, Batangas, Philippines
Date of Encounter: July 6, 2018

One night while I was watching a television show I felt really weird. It was exactly 12:00 AM and I was still watching TV. The show was about a religious group helping the poor, and about donating to charities. I was really tired, but I still didn’t want to sleep. So I continued watching TV even though the show was actually pretty boring. While watching I heard a loud noise coming from my room. I ignored it thinking it was my dog. It was exactly 2:50 AM when I decided to sleep. When I came to my room no one was there. I closed my lamp and decided to sleep. I was awaked by footsteps coming to my room. I ignored it again thinking that I was only hallucinating, but when I looked at my cabinet I saw the ghost of my best friend, Catty who died because of an accident. I couldn’t move because I was very scared. She slowly walked toward me and she said something that made me call my parents: “There’s someone outside. Call your parents…” She said, and she was gone. I texted my parents and confirmed! There was a thief outside my room. If Catty wasn’t there, for sure I would be dead!

RIP: Catty

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