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Witness: Janelle
Location: Leavenworth, Kansas
Date of Encounter: Around 1997

I got a phone call one day from my sister. She was having problems sleeping at night, so I packed up the kids and my husband and went to her house. When I got there she told me she had awoken several times floating above the bed. So I told her we would stay with her and I would protect her. We moved her bed to the front room, pulled out the hide-a-bed for the kids, and put everyone to bed except my husband and myself — we watched TV.

Suddenly my husband called to me to look, and there waws my sister floating above the mattress. I moved beside her and gently pushed her back down. The next morning I was convinced the house was filled with evil beings. I had the kids go out and break off small twigs from the tree. I fashioned crosses from them, prayed over them, and placed them over each doorway and window. That night she was asleep and started talking. She was asking questions for someone we couldn't see who was talking to her. They wanted to know what the things were above the doors and windows, could I take them down and out of the house, or could I turn them upside down. I answered each question. When whatever it was didn't get what they wanted, they tried to raise her from the bed. She screamed and then nothing. All the while I'm praying.

The next day we moved her. We spent one more night, except for the kids. My husband, my younger brother, my sister and myself all stayed there. We were waiting for a truck to come and we could get the last few things out. We were playing cards when everyone needed to go to the bathroom. All three went up together. My husband pushed open a bedroom door and a whoosh of air came out almost knocking the guys over the railing. They all came down and started talking about hurting people. They were getting more violent and I started praying again, and they started calming down and coming back to themselves. No one remembered anything, not going to the bathroom, coming downstairs, but my husband had scratch marks like claws down one whole side of his back. We took what we could and never returned. Just remember… prayer works.

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