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The Child's Room by Frank Grace
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Witness: Heather
Location: Circleville, Ohio
Date of Encounter: December 1993

My childhood home has always made me a little uncomfortable. There was a man that committed suicide in the bedroom that was my mom’s. Every now and then you feel like someone is following you down the stairs or heavily watching you. I’ve been poked in my back in my bedroom. My fiancé asked me questions about my house because he too has been poked while in my bedroom watching TV. If you say this gentleman’s name and tell him to stop, things will stop for a period of time.

Our TV is always shutting off and the screen goes black. We’ve bought new TVs thinking there was mechanical problems, but things were still the same and continue to be. My bedroom is the coldest room in the house, I believe that’s where the spirits stay. My fiancé’s father passed away in 2013 and his ashes are on a gun cabinet in my bedroom. I’m constantly finding things moved and out of place in the room. I have never seen any apparitions, but plenty of other things have occurred.


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