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Witness: Marilyn Hollenbeck
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Date of Encounter: May 1993

Back in the early 1990s, I was newly married and we relocated from the Northeast to Atlanta, Georgia. My husband and I would hang out at the local small airport restaurant and got to know the Atlanta Police Chief's son. He was an FBI detective that seemed to drink too much. On the only three or four times I meet them, they would always insist that we buy a place next door to them up in Gwinnett county. I always later expressed my concern about his drinking.

One Friday, I asked my husband if we could take a long springtime ride up north to the wineries. He agreed and we went to sleep early. It was about 11:30 p.m. that Friday evening and I awoke to a startling dream/paranormal experience and I found myself out of my bed, across the room, and on the floor in shock and terrified. 

In my "dream state" I saw myself driving down the road in a truck. The truck swerved off the road suddenly and crashed into a tree. However, this dream was unusual. Upon impact things began to slow down and I saw the crash happen in suspended animation. I heard glass and metal bending slowing in distorted delayed tones. I experienced a vision of the entire windshield bursting into hundreds of thousands of tiny pieces of shattered glass. The shards of glass were being illuminated by the beacon of a roadside lamppost. As the front end was crushing into the tree and bent metal distorting and twisting around me, I felt myself hurled with great force out of the vehicle through the window.

That's when I woke up from the dream, completely confused, shocked, and terrified that we should not go anywhere in a vehicle for that weekend. Trust me, I was shaking for the rest of the night until dawn. I turned on every light in the house. I was spooked! My husband helped me calm down and promised that he will be a couch potato and watch sports all weekend. And that was fine we me.

Then the call came… it was the owner of the bar restaurant that we frequent. Apparently, there was a very serious accident on Friday night at approximately 11:30 p.m. in accordance to the police records. Our detective "friend" was intoxicated and swerved off a road about 1/2 mile from my home. He crashed his car into a tree and was unfortunately decapitated when the impact threw him clear through the vehicle windows.

They asked if we would attend the funeral. The casket, due to the severity of the accident, was being kept closed. I declined, and instead just said a little prayer for him… I let him know that, "I knew his terror and that God be with him."

Nothing ever happened to me like that prior, and hasn't since. It was just one of those unexplainable "things" that happen.

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