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Witness: Grayda
Location: Australia
Date of Encounter: November 11 2000

While up at my friend's place, in the mountains, we decided to go exploring.

We had just passed a fallen tree when I noticed a blue mist up in the distance. I went to tap my friend on the shoulder when I noticed he wasn't there. I looked around and noticed him in the distance. I ran towards him and straight through the mist. The mist smelled like rotting flesh, but I kept on running. I eventually made it to where my friend was standing. I looked behind me for the mist but found nothing. I turned back to my mate, who was gone again. This time he was standing on the river. I ran over to him and the mist surrounded me. When I came out the other side, My friend was telling me to hurry up.

This encounter totally freaked me out and during this weird time, I felt like I was under control. It almost felt like a dream, but it wasn't.

I think this had to do with the sudden death of my grandfather.

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