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Witness: Alex Wilson
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: September 2003

My best friend and I are very close, and I was also close with her grandmother who passed away in July of 2004. My friend was upset, but she had a lot of things to remind her of her grandmother like her hairbrush. 

One day my friend and I were sitting in her room discussing the issue of "pennies from heaven" and she told me that she and her mom always get pennies sent from her grandmother. I didn't know how well to believe that. A few minutes later we were sitting in the middle of the room with nothing around us and we began to fight over something stupid and eventually started fighting over the hairbrush. Just then we both noticed something out of the corner of our eyes and when we looked down there was a penny sitting heads up next to the hair brush. We stopped fighting figuring it was her grandmother telling us to stop. 

The next day I was at work talking about how her grandmother wanted to take us to England, since that's where she was from. I was walking around the counter and then I saw a penny sitting face up, so I picked it up, but when I looked closely it was a penny with Queen Elizabeth on it, telling me it was a penny from England. I believe that there is definitely a such thing as pennies from heaven.

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