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Witness: (Name Withheld)
Location: Granbury, Texas
Date of Encounter: June 12, 2003

I've always believed in spirits. I've seen them all my life, but this encounter was really weird. It started three days before my birthday, June 12, and hasn't ended yet. Three days before my birthday, I went upstairs to get some Tylenol for my step-mom, and in the reflection of the polished cabinet I saw someone move. I whirled around, thinking it was a friend, or sibling, trying to scare me. The room was void of life, except for me. I blew it off as my mind playing tricks on me. 

But then, at 1 a.m. on June 13th, I was up late with two of my friends. We were supposed to be asleep, but were talking. I soon noticed a red dot hovering by my ceiling fan. I figured it was just me, until my friend mentioned it, them my other friend noticed it too. We searched for a source, but found none. We looked towards the dot again, and it was now the center of a green and black cloud. What a time to be out of film for my camera! Then I broke into a sudden cold sweat, the rooms temperature dropped, and one of my friends got a sudden dizzying headache. A yelled at the thing, and it flared angrily and disappeared. Ever since, out the corner of my eye, I can almost always see a shadowy figure, watching me. And I don't know why.

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