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Home Encounters Monty Won’t be Forgotten

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Name: Roy Galarneau
Location: Goulds, Newfoundland, Canada
Date: April 12, 2010

My dog, Monty, died in my arms on the 11 April, 2010 of heart failure at the age of 11. He was my best friend and traveled everywhere with me when I conducted base and ship inspections. I had numerous pictures of him and I wanted to make a CD of them and forward it to the person from the rescue organization who let me adopt him. Monty was a German Shepherd/Border Collie cross.

I copied all those pictures from the computer and remembered I had taken a picture of Monty a few days before (pictured above), and it was still on the disk in my camera. I took out the disk and inserted it the computer to download. There were a total of 63 pictures on the disk of which one was of Monty. When the disk was downloaded, I checked the destination file and there were 63 pictures of Monty, all the same picture.

I reloaded the disk and downloaded it again to another destination file; and this time all pictures downloaded correctly. I kept the original destination file as-is. This happened the day after Monty died and I believe it was his way of asking me to not forget him. I kept a copy of that picture in my wallet ever since.

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