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Witness: Barbara
Location: Rockland, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: 2001

After a family feud where I was incorrectly accused of wrong doing, I cried myself to sleep. My fiancé at the time, who was a light sleeper, and very sensitive to noise and always nervous about strangers breaking in to his home, woke up in the middle of the night. He told me, very calmly, that someone had just walked out of our bedroom and into the kitchen. Normally he would have been crazy scared, but he was subdued when he recounted this episode. He was so not scared that he even walked into the kitchen to see who was there. A nightmare or a scare in the past about intruders would have left him hiding in the closet with a baseball bat. I told him I knew who it was that had just visited our house. It was my mom, who died 8 years prior. She had just walked into the bedroom and rubbed my back while we were asleep and then walked out of the bedroom toward the kitchen. Our bedroom was small and we had a big four poster bed so to walk in the room you had to take a sharp right, turn and scoot around the end of the bed to get to my side, which was away from the door, and over near the wall. In my dream — and I'm not sure I was actually asleep, but my eyes were closed — I saw her walk this very deliberate path to my side of the bed and then out of the room again. He said he saw it too, in his mind's eye. My fiancé had never met my mother, but he said he knew in his mind that it was her in our house. That is why he wasn't scared. I have never had a visit from my mother before or since that I can remember, but this one came at a very comforting time.

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