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Witness: Sarah Rolf
Location: Brighton, England
Date of Encounter: 2001

About three years ago, my friend Kerry used to manage a pub in the center of town. Me and my cousin Michael used to go in there a lot just to either see Kerry or to have a quick drink as we were passing through whilst doing shopping. Anyway, one day we went in and it was about mid-day and we were the only three people in the bar at the time. Kerry was just standing by the door you flip up to get behind the bar and Mike and I were sitting on stools right by her. There was a walkthrough so you could go from one side of the bar to the other instead of walking all the way around the bar. In the middle, against the wall, was a table with a kettle, spoons, tea, coffee etc. on it. We were just sitting there and a spoon flew past my head really fast just missing my eye by millimeters — it was as if someone had picked it up and threw it with all their strength. I was lucky that it didn't hit me as it could've done some damage. We all looked at each other and Kerry said that the spoon had been flying around the bar for a few days previously as well when she was alone but it didn't really spook her. We had only one drink at the time so I know none of us were drunk and Kerry wasn't allowed to drink alcohol anyway as she ran the bar. So Mike and I just laughed it off and left.

About a week later Kerry said that this weird woman came in the bar and she ordered a drink and was constantly looking up at one of the light fittings above the entrance to the pub. They were like paper chandeliers and were quite hippyish if you excuse the expression, and they were quite big. Anyway, Kerry said that this woman went over to her and said, "You are the lady who runs the bar, aren't you?" Kerry said, "Yes." And the lady pointed to the chandelier above the entrance to the door and said that there was a ghost just sitting on top of it. Apparently it was a mischievous little boy of about 8 and he liked to cause a bit of mayhem amongst the drinkers, especially when they were a little drunk. Kerry asked her co workers if they had experienced any strange happenings in there and she said every one of them had at least one little story to tell. Kerry said that she never saw the woman before in her life.

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