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Witness: Mike
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Date of Encounter: August 15, 2015

My Dad passed of cancer in December of 2014. I had given up my condo and moved back in with him while he was sick to look after things and him. Once I had found a new apartment in my hometown (where he had lived) and started moving my stuff from his place to my new one, I started hearing faint music every time I was at his old house. At first, it was Springsteen’s “Born to run” then marching music and big band, but always with the same run/move/march theme to it.

Within a few weeks it had started happening at my place as well. I had searched both his house and my own for a source of the music, but none could be found, and it was always confined to the room I was in, and continued for about six weeks.

I had never really liked that city and had always been much happier in the countryside near another town about 150 km west. I took the running and marching theme as him telling me I should go where I was happy, so in September of 2015 I broke my lease and moved west, and haven’t heard a single bit of music since besides what I put on the radio. I do still have some occurrences of unexplainable lights flickering and closet doors rattling in my new place, which I take to me he is telling me he is still around and checking in. I don’t mind the company.

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  1. Hello. Believe it or not, my dad too passed away in December 2014 and he too passed away because of cancer. What a coincidence. It really is a small world. Wow.

  2. Hi if you would like help with this my name is Amy Rychlewski I’m a spiritual clairvoyant and a pyschic medium I’m gifted and have been gifted since I was young and from having a near death experience I will help you if this is what your after

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