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Witness: Jill
Location: Falls Church, Virginia
Date of Encounter: 1998

As a newlywed in 1998, I was temporarily relocated to Falls Church, Virgina from the Midwest. About three months into our new surroundings, I hurt my back. I had to make a late nite visit to the ER and endured an injection into a hip. I was put on pain meds and muscle relaxers.

About three days later, I awoke to a very unsettling view…my eyes and forehead were yellow. Fearing the worst, I went back to the ER. After lots of testing, they determined it was hepatitis. I was SO frightened by the thought of this. This meant going back every week for blood tests to determine how my liver was doing.

During this time, I had vivid dreams of my maternal grandmother (she had passed several years before) and in my dreams she was around thirty years of age and beautiful. I thought this was odd and I woke up feeling as though she was with me.

I had yet another round of blood tests one day after such a dream. While I was in the waiting room, there was an elderly woman who needed help to walk. Some of her family members were assisting her when suddenly, she broke away from their grasp and walked right over to me! She leaned over and whispered, "You're going to be just fine." Well, this was SO unexpected that I couldn't find words to speak.

The woman's family members were standing across the room in shock. They finally came over to get her, apologizing to me for her behavior. I still couldn't speak. My heart was pounding. A short time later, they called my name and I again went in for more blood to be drawn. Two days later, the hospital called and said my liver was 100% recovered. I feel as though this was my own grandmother, reaching out to carry me through the most difficult time in my life. I love you, Grandma!

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