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Llewellyn Tarot by Anna-Marie Ferguson and other Llewellyn Tarot DecksLlewellyn Tarot and other Llewellyn Tarot Decks
By Anna-Marie Ferguson
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 2006)
Pages: 288 plus tarot card deck – Price: $24.95 review

This review is meant to encourage the interest in tarot card systems for all individuals interested in the art of tarot and divination. There is such a remarkable assortment of tarot systems on the market today, and Lllewellyn is one of the top publisher of these systems. There is truly something for everyone, and this review will reference some of them for the readers. A helpful look at tarot systems available to the readers is found now at, plus a free tarot reading for those interested.

To look at what Llewellyn has accomplished with publishing tarot systems is to look at what a dedicated publisher can achieve despite the various odds against it. That Llewellyn has succeeded despite those odds, is testament that where there is a will there is a way, and where there is a defined need that way will provide the material to those who seek to learn tarot and divination.

For instance, The Llewellyn Tarot Kit, published in September 2006, is a unique tarot system inspired by Welsh legends, which in turn celebrates Llewellyn where over a century ago, a young boy left Wales, traveled to the United States, and started a small press which became known as Llewellyn Publications. Llewellyn George’s enduring spirit and Welsh heritage embodies The Llewellyn Tarot. The creator is Anna-Marie Ferguson, who also created the popular Legend: the Authurian Tarot Kit. The water color images of this fine deck adds to its insightful charm, mystery, meaning, and magick. The book accompanying the deck discusses many things of value including Welsh legends.

Other outstanding recent tarot items from Llewellyn include Manga Tarot, Kamasutra Tarot, Dragons Tarot, My Tarot, Magic Cards of the Russian Sybil, Manara Erotic Tarot, Universal Tarot, and Wicca Divination Kit, among many others. Also, of particular note and interest are The Buddha Tarot, Egyptian Tarot, Tarot of the Saints, and the Astral Projection Kit.

That Llewellyn continues to publish tarot systems alongside its many interesting and eclectic book titles, is a tribute to the publisher’s ability to face conservative elements and overcome those elements. Tarot has oftentimes been suppressed over the centuries, but it always somehow manages to survive in one form or another.

Perhaps you will find a tarot system which best suits your personal needs in this review. Thank you for allowing me to share tarot with you, readers! Llewellyn is certainly publishing some of the finest tarot systems currently available to those who seek to learn the fine art of tarot and divination.

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