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Witness: Jacob Wilson
Location: Sanger, California
Date of Encounter: October 26, 2007

It all started a few years ago, when a friend of mine told me about Channel Road, and the haunting there by a ghost named La Llorona. She had lost her children on the road and died trying to save them. We were at a nearby place called Hobb's Grove – a very scary Halloween "Haunt" (i.e. a funhouse with costumes) — when we were told of this. My mother and I had the guts to go down the road after we had left. We went all the way down the road and saw nothing. On our way back I had given up hope. As I bent down to pick up my CDs, I clearly saw a bright white light standing in someone's front yard. When I looked over, it was gone.

For a whole year, I thought it was in my mind, but just a few days ago, my friends and I went to Hobb's Grove to be scared to death. We all had a fun time and on our way out, I told my mom we should go down Channel Road with my friends. So I told my friends the same story I heard, and three of them were too scared and drove back home with my dad. So my friends, my mom, and I went out to find La Llorona. As we neared Channel Road, everyone was really spooked and was having fun, then all of a sudden everyone was silent. Odd… About a quarter of the way down the road, something crazy started to happen. Everyone in the car noticed a drop in temperature. This time down the road I was calling out for La Llorona, asking her to reveal herself to us. It was a few seconds later when I clearly saw an apparition run across the road toward the river! I thought it was just my mind, but then my friends and I kept seeing it. My friend, Eddie told me he saw a bright white light just like I had! We all (except my mother) saw a clear form of a person run toward the river! That's where La Llorona lost her children! This event has strongly led my friends and I to believe in ghosts. And the fact that they're not here to hurt you. They are all just poor unhappy souls.

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