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Witness: Den
Location: Hazel Park, Michigan
Date of Encounter: Early 1980s

I was very young, probably around 9 or 10, and I was spending the night at my Grandma's house. Some of my cousins and I were in bed and they had fallen asleep while I lay there. I wasn't really tired — I was known to be a night owl, and still am to this day. Anyway, I was looking out the window from the fold-out couch we were laying on, and I saw the outline, almost like a shadow, of what appeared to be a man in a brimmed hat looking at us. The outline was from mid-chest up, and although the window was on the first floor of my grandma's bungalow, she did have a basement, which raised the height of the window considerably.

If a man were outside the window, he would have to be on a ladder to have his hat, let alone his head and shoulders, be seen. I would say the bottom of the window is a at least 7 feet from the ground. Being pretty young, I pulled the covers over my head for a few minutes because I was scared out of my mind. Finally, I worked up the courage to peek from beneath the cover and the outline was gone. The next morning I was still a little uneasy about what I had seen, and I told my grandma about it. Her response was quick and simple. She told me that it was probably just my grandpa checking on us kids. This did nothing to ease the feelings at the time, because I had never met him as he had passed away before I was even born. Now there maybe some other explanation for what I saw that night, but I would love to think my grandma was right.

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