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Kuan Yin: Assessing the Power of the Divine Feminine by Daniela SchenkerKuan Yin: Assessing the Power of the Divine Feminine
By Daniela Schenker
Publisher: Sounds True (November 2007)
Pages: 160 Price: $22.95 review

An enchanting book with beautiful artwork, Daniela Schenker’s in-depth look at the bodhisattva Kuan Yin will fascinate readers. Kuan Yin is a force to be reckoned with, and when a person calls upon her that person is calling upon a powerful force to bring strength, healing, and unconditional love. This book is about connecting to Kuan Yin’s energy through various means including spiritual practice.

Kuan Yin’s evolution commences with her origin as the male Avalokiteshvara. The reader is shown how she evolves and develops. Mantras and visualizations to invoke Kuan Yin’s guidance and protection are detailed, and how to call upon her for blessings. She is most famous as the goddess of mercy and healing. She is found in Asian traditions.

In the five chapters of the book, all aspects of Kuan Yin are explained. Chapter 3 will intrigue the readers with methods to connect with the mantras of Kuan Yin. There are also three appendix sections, one of which contains Kuan Yin’s mudras. Kuan Yin has as her sisters Tara and Mary, and her Japanese name is Tarani Bosatsu. She is also known as the Indian princess Inanacandra in the Tara-Tantra texts.

Well written and beautifully illustrated, this is a book which will have a wide appeal to many readers. Highly recommended. For further information see the website,

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