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Witness: Ashley
Location: Sterling, Virginia
Date of Encounter: 2001-2003

In early 2001, my parents and I started renting a two-story house that wasn't more than 40 years old. We never knew about the previous owners or any history on the house. We were only told that the old owners moved out in a hurry. There were two sheds in the backyard that were full of old stuff that was left by the previous owners, so they really did leave in a hurry.

Odd things didn't start happening until after we lived there for a few months. There were four bedrooms upstairs and I had one that was on the end of the upstairs. That room was always freezing and it had a heavy feeling to it — like whenever you walked into the room it felt like you were walking into a freezer and you were weighted down by something. After being sick a few times in that room, I moved to the bedroom adjacent to it. That room never got cold or had any weird feelings to it.

I used to cheerlead and play soccer, I had many trophies of all the years I did sports — I had them all lined up on a dresser right next to my closet. One day, when I got home from school all my trophies were laying on the ground in a row. The house was empty all day and my door was closed the entire time I was at school. A lot of stuff happened in the closet of my room also. I would have toys that made noises be turned off and on, the switches would actually be switched to off when I put them away and then they would turn on in the middle of the night. And we had an attic that my father went into once since we lived there. There were no animals in the attic, just cobwebs and our winter stuff. But at night we would hear bumping sounds, sort of like someone knocking on the attic floor, but with carpet on the floor of the attic.

One day I was telling my friend about it, so we started knocking on the ceiling of my room. It was a simple "knock knock" and not two minutes later we heard a "knock knock" back. It scared us to the point where I would sleep in the living room for a little while. And my parents said that they couldn't hear anything, not us knocking or the knock back. Soon we decided to move closer to my new high school. The last month we were there I was sitting upstairs in the family room when I kept getting the feeling of being poked in the leg, stomach, sides, and arms. It was my muscles twitching — like someone was poking me. Ever since moving out of that house I've had minor encounters with different things, but nothing compared to what went on in that house. I could never get any information on that house from anywhere, but I am continuing to look to this day.

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