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Tiffany Johnson - Your Psychic Life is Tiffany's monthly column on being psychic.
Reincarnation is the thought or theory of a soul returning, often time-and-time again to a body. The purpose of reincarnation is to experience different situations at different times to further personal transformation and evolution.

Reincarnation is not bound to one religion or school of thought. It is becoming more widely accepted within all cultures, age groups, economic classes, etc. Just a few of the leading world religions that subscribe to the idea of reincarnation are Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Native American spirituality. In fact, many Christians are subscribing to the belief of reincarnation understanding that Christ, himself, lived again as was witnessed by Mary.

Within each lifetime you can experience different genders, financial status, geographic locations, family complexity, etc. And with the different combinations, the results are limitless! It’s my personal belief that a human soul cannot transfer into an animal or insect — as the complexity of the soul would therefore be limited in its evolution. However, many Eastern traditions do accept this possibility. The de-evolution (if you will) would be caused by living a disharmonious lifetime and as such, you would need to go backwards and relearn some actualities as a “lesser” life form.

Along with these past lives we seem to reincarnate with a specific group of people known as a “soul group.” This means that when articulating our transition into this world, we do so with others that we have lived other lives with. This gives us comfort and support on our newest journey here!

Particularly in the Eastern Traditions, there is the belief in Karma. Karma is a conviction, which states that all actions have a consequence — in Christian terms “you reap what you sow.” Working within many lives you can experience various grades of Karma, possibly clearing up past life injustices in your current lifetime — or even a lifetime to come!

Past lives can be discovered many, many ways. One way is to go to a professional hypnotist. Hypnotherapy has been very successful in retrieving past life information for many. Also — some psychics are able to access your past life information simply by asking their spirit guides for it. You do not need to go into a hypnotic nor meditative state. Information is given to the reader by accessing the Akashic Records (the eternal records of every soul for all eternity). On occasion, some people have experienced a sudden; involuntary past life regression by visiting a place that was a home in a prior life or meeting a person in their soul group. These instances can be extremely overwhelming and uplifting being a validation that the soul is forever!

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