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Kitchen Witch's Guide to Magickal Tools by Patricia TelescoKitchen Witch’s Guide to Magickal Tools
By Patricia Telesco
Publisher: New Page Books (July 2006)
Pages: 256 – Price: $13.99 review

With a Foreword by Don Waterhawk and author introduction, the book gives the reader plenty to think about in regard to household magick! Patricia Telesco gives the reader information on building and designing a personal altar and tools, discovering elemental symbols in the home, and other data.

There are thirty-three chapters in this well-written book. Among the many intriguing topics covered are making magickal tools, amulets, aspergers, besoms, candles, crystals, divination tools, herbs, incense, mirrors, oils, pentacles, pentagrams, and potions. What is nice about this book is the information the author shares on finding materials within the home, and utilizing these materials to great personal advantage.

There is much to learn from this compact, concise book. For contact with the author’s website, readers can visit her at Patricia Telesco is the author of many writings, including the book, Exploring Candle Magick.

For something unusual and helpful, this is a nice book to own. It would also make a nice gift for a friend. It is clearly written. All material is carefully explained. Highly recommended reading for those new to Witchcraft as well as those who are old-timers!

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