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KailiKaili’s Odiyya: A Shaman’s True Story of Initiation
By Amarananda Bhairavan
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays (June 2000)
Pages: 299 – Price: $19.95

Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar
By Elizabeth U. Harding
Publisher: Nicolas-Hays (September 1993)
Pages: 318 – Price: $18.95

Eternally Bad: Goddesses with Attitude
By Trina Robbins
Publisher: Conari Press (July 2001)
Pages: 203 – Price: $15.95 review

For those interested in graves, ghosts, cemeteries, and the dead, you will find these three books of great reading enjoyment. April is the month of Kali, the Hindu Goddess, and these unusual books will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about her.

An in-depth look at God as worshiped as the Divine Mother, Kali’s Odiyya is an account of two devout followers of Kail who become the shamans of Kali. The reader follows Shambu and Sandhya through their first initiation and through mystical sexuality. Detailed examination of a funeral celebration, kundalini arousal, and other topics are revealed. The reader encounters the aghori sorcerers who possess the ability to shape-shape into the astral world. The book covers eight years. These are secrets shared publicly for the first time.

Whereas the major religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism do not recognize the feminine power of God, Hinduism does so. Of the many books available on Kali, this is the most recent offering so much accurate information, and detail. Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar is examines the Dakshineswar Temple in India which is devoted to the worship of Ma Kali. Goddess festivals, rituals, and spirituality are examined and explained. The reader will encounter the mystic saint of India, Sri Ramakrishna, who worshiped Kali at the temple. A tremendous amount of information is shared with the reader, and this is a memorable reading experience. For further information on Kali worship in the United States, the following contact data is given: Kali Mandir at P.O.Box 4799, Laguna Beach, California 92652, or at the Web site of

Eternally Bad: Goddesses With Attitude is a hoot and highly delightful fun, for it is an irreverent tribute to the “bad girl” goddesses from around the world. There are too many goddesses to mention but among them are found Kali, Freya, Durga, Oya, and Isis. For a humorous learning experience, this is a wonderful collection of writings, each one with a different perspective. In a way, this book shows the readers how goddesses with the ultimate attitude do, and can, have fun. Chapter Six deals with goddesses who love too much. If you are interested in the art of the sorceresses, chapter four will intrigue you! At the conclusion of the book is a self-test to find your inner bitch goddess! 

These three books make ideal gifts for friends for the month of April or any time, for each book is a penetrating surprise, and each book is a great reading experience. Readers will enjoy these fine books for different reasons. Highly recommended.

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