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Instant Enlightenment by David DeidaInstant Enlightenment
By David Deida
Publisher: Sounds True (March 2007)
Pages: 239 Price: $12.95 review

David Deida has a winner on his hands with this amusing, insightful, and hands-on approach/guide to instant enlightenment. The guide promises to be “fast, deep, and sexy,” and it is precisely that.

This is a guide to the actual knowing of who you are in the now, right now! Deida asserts with confidence that instant enlightenment is not hard to attain, and that it is truly impossible to avoid. Then proves it! That is what this book is about.

Every page offers a special gem of wisdom. There are 34 topics covered in this pocket-sized paperback. Such topics as God, Oral, Hate, Masturbate, Swear, Dollar, Sleep, Ass, Lazy, Romance, Chant, Age, Love, among many others are discussed and shared with the reader.

A book of choices, this book should be a sure-fire attraction for all readers interested in enlightenment. There is much good to say about this book, simply because it is upfront and honest to and for the reader without any pretenses. If you want something different to enjoy and ponder over, purchase a copy of this little book and several for your friends.

David Deida’s book is well worth your reading time, well worth it.

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