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Forty-two years and over 5,000 nonfiction books later, there are certain truths I have encountered about India and its supernatural heritage I wish to share with you. India has very old ghosts. India has a very old spiritual and supernatural history.

When one speaks of the spiritual aspects of India, the supernatural aspects must also be addressed, and discussed. All magick and all spirituality originates in Ancient India. That should not surprise any person who can think for himself or for herself, and has researched Ancient India to great detail. Even if in contemporary India that knowledge has been misplaced or colored with the passage of myth and time, the true facts are there for those who search for them.

Jesus Christ had no missing or lost years in his life. Those years were spent in India with the Yogis learning spiritual truths of that country. Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, but survived the horrible ordeal, was rescued, and went to live in another country and fathered a family. 

The blended Hindu-Hebrew teachings of Jesus Christ survived him with the assistance of his disciples only to be corrupted by his disciple Paul. What evolved was not true Christianity, but a church authorized form of Paulianity based on Paul’s teachings. The Catholic Church turned Jesus Christ into a profitable business venture in much the same dogmatic manner by which the Islamic movement turned Mohammed into a profitable business venture. Alas, the things done in the name of these messiahs are under the guise of church and temple spirituality. Some historians consider Paul a frustrated, charismatic homosexual, but does that matter? No. But what he did to redraft, create, and put into effect as a profitable religion does matter greatly.

Don’t think the influence of Ancient India is not evident in all forms of religion. Study the Druids, for instance. They had a fire worship aspect to their core beliefs which included a belief in what is known as a three-fold divinity which focused on Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. The Shamans, the Wiccans, the Witches, and their wonderfully complex Old Religion, the Pagans, the Christians of ancient times, and on and on goes the list. The India motif is there in each of them. The themes are there. Take a look at the Knights Templars, the Freemasons, the Alchemists, the Rosicrucians, and other secret mystery societies.

One also has to consider the continuing unearthing of ruins in India and elsewhere. That the Indian civilization was at its height ten thousand years ago is no longer a fantasy. Ruins in the wilderness continue to be uncovered. What destroyed it? There are many theories including a massive global war. 

A ruins lately discovered is dated at over eight thousand years old, they are ruins that once housed a learning and teaching center known as the "Nevali Cori" site. Beneath that site are more ruins of an even older civilization. Other finds turn up. The puzzle pieces start coming together with the use and help of modern technology.

It is something to reflect on. It is something to continue to research. That Jesus Christ was the greatest Yogi to ever live is fact not fantasy. Time has a way of revealing the truth and destroying those forces which seek to hide truth for personal gain. 

History is oftentimes written by the victors, but with the passage of time, history’s double-edged sword turns and reveals everything. The ghost of vanquished truth can never be silenced without a full hearing. There is always a payday for those who try to cheat history of its accuracy by substituting falsehoods.

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