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Witness: OB_Nurse
Location: Ohio
Date of Encounter: July 1957

I am now a well-educated 53 year old woman, but when I was 3 1/2 years old, I floated down the stairs of our house built in 1903 twice. I fell down these steps very frequently, so I started sitting on the top step and scooting down the steps on my bottom. One day I suddenly rose up and floated down the stairs! I started screaming for my mother who was outside hanging clothes on the line, but she did not arrive until I landed at the bottom of the stairs. This happens twice, and my mother remembers me screaming for her and telling her what happened. Of course she did not believe me at the time, but since I am still swearing to it 50 years later, she now believes me. As an adult, I found out that my great-great grandparents died in that house in March of 1927, just four days apart. My great-great grandmother was dying, and her husband decided to starve himself to death so he would die first. He died just 4 days before her. We lived in that house until I was 10, and besides the stairs incidents, I could not sleep at night because when I fell asleep, I heard a man's voice calling my name, which woke me up. Once we moved from the house I never heard this again. I am very anxious to hear from others who have had this kind of experience. I have told very few people about this in my life, and when I have I have been ridiculed. It happened, I would swear it on a stack of bibles. Anyone else with a similar experience?

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