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Witness: Liz
Location: California
Date of Encounter: August 1996

In August of 1996, my sister and her daughter were visiting our family from Texas — I invited her and my niece over for the weekend. That night, she and my niece slept in my bedroom. The next morning I asked her if she had a restful night; she really didn't answer me. My niece did tell me that her mom felt as if the bedroom was freezing cold. I asked how that could be? It was August and in the Central Valley here in California it gets really warm. I didn't pay much attention and I thought that was the end of that.

The following year my parents traveled to Texas to visit family including my sister. A few blocks from my brother's house my parents were involved in a accident — my mother was seriously injured. So some of us who live here in California went down. It also happened that My Aunts (my mom's sisters) traveled from Mexico; we thought that we were going to loose my mom.

Bare with me, this is the spooky part. In 1995 I lost my husband — he was only 37 years old. I was still grieving the loss of my husband when we were all together in Texas following my parents near-fatal accident. One night we were in my brother's house talking about my mom being in the hospital and how difficult it was for me to see her in that condition; and having lost my husband, I was terrified that I would loose my mom. So my Aunt started to talk to me about my husband and so on. My sister remembered the night she spent in my freezing bedroom and started to talk about what really happened. She said she felt very cold and could see her breath in the air. My niece also felt the cold. My sister, though said she also felt someone sit at the edge of the bed and, she could smell some type of cologne. But the most impressive thing about all this is that she felt a great sadness come over her. So strong was this feeling of sadness that she started crying. My Aunt asked me if I still had the same bed my husband and I shared, I said yes, in fact I still had all of his belongings. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them — I could not let go. I also felt his presence from time-to-time. And on occasion I could also smell his cologne. But my Aunt warned me that if I didn't let him be he would turn into a bad spirit. She said, "he is a good spirit right now, but you need to let go."

I had not made it to the last step in the grieving process, which is acceptance. Well, according to my Aunt; the night my sister slept in my bedroom, he didn't recognize her. He felt confused and very sad (sadness my sister felt) because I was not in the place he always expect to find me. It's important to note that we were living in a different town when my husband passed away; and I moved my family back to the home he bought in 1983.

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