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Houghton Mansion Apparition
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Witness: John Miscikoski
Location: North Adams, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: September 17, 2016

On September 17, 2016, I was participating in the Haunt of the Houghton Mansion event in North Adams, Massachusetts. As I sat in the Library, in the dark, near 1 am, I tried to establish a channel of communication with the spirits known to the house. As part of this process, I began taking pictures of the room in a series of 3 pictures per subject. By chance, I started taking pictures of the couch in the room, and to my surprise, the first picture I took of this subject revealed the outline of a ghost (see picture), with the second picture a complete white haze (seemingly indicating the ghost leaving the area disturbed by the flash). The third picture was of the subject room as it normally is arranged. It was a chilling experience, one I will truly never forget. Coupled with the overnight stay at this haunted house, I can happily cross this one off my “Bucket List.”

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