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Witness: Chris
Location: Willow Springs, Illinois
Date of Encounter: December 12-17, 2009

The past five days I have tried to understand but cannot find a way to. I'm a Catholic, and I have heard of many ghost stories and stories from priests within the church. I've always been intrigued by the other world and have read and watched many shows regarding the topic. I've had a small experience with paranormal activities here and there throughout my life, nothing really major, which could have been due to imagination, but nothing as disturbing or as real as what has gone on this past week.

I have recently moved back into my cousin's house — a large and newer home. I have lived there for a period of three years prior and have not lived there for the past year. During the past there were some little things that would happen here or there that would spook me. I'd mention it to the other family members in the home and they'd just say I was crazy. I knew something wasn't right, but the experiences weren't constant and very minimal and subtle. Until this past week.

I had moved back into the house about three weeks ago, and everything had been fine. Saturday the family went on a one-week trip, leaving me home alone. I felt like I'd have peace and quiet and time to get some work done. Typically on a Saturday night, I'd go out and have fun with friends, but I chose to stay home. So I went to the basement (nothing creepy, fully finished and very nice) and began recording some music. I had my head phones on and was in the middle of recording when I heard a loud crash. It was about 2:30 am. I immediately took my headphones off and thought someone was breaking in. I went upstairs to check the house… nothing. I returned downstairs and looked around because it really sounded like a bang from around there. I looked into the half-open closet and there was a red, older-style phone that used to be sitting on the shelf, now laying on the floor. I was familiar with the contents of the closet, and I know that the phone was in no way positioned to where it could have fallen off the shelf by itself. I immediately freaked out but kept my composure trying to think of the logic of how it could have fallen. But I couldn't.

Sunday afternoon was no better. Before I describe it, let me give you a description of the house. I spend a lot of time in the living room on the couch, where I'm in clear view of the bedroom doors upstairs where the children, particularly my godson who is three, stay. There is nobody home the entire time but me. Now I went upstairs and noticed that his touch lamp was on in his bedroom. Well the night before when I laid on the couch, I had not noticed any form of light coming from the room. So this was still during the day time, and I turned it off. The light will be important in a moment. That night I was lying on the couch and watching TV. All of the lights were off, just the TV was on. There was no light on in the bedroom upstairs. While I was lying there, I felt a cold breeze on my cheek. Being a smoker, I go to the garage to smoke. When I felt the breeze, I got up to see if maybe I didn't close the door. It was closed, along with all the windows in the house, the furnace was not activated, and there are no vents even close to the couch. About an hour later there was a slight rattle from the coffee table, as if one of the cups on it was trying to be moved or lifted. After about 10 minutes, it stopped. But the cold breeze continued on and off. Very weird.

Monday night, I came home from work around 9 PM, set down my bags, and proceeded into the living room. As I was about to turn the TV on, a baby toy started playing music in the other room. After a minute it stopped. This totally scared me, and again I went and investigated the whole house. Nobody home, no more music playing. So I went down to the basement again and started recording. Now my headphones are professional, recording headphones that allow you to also hear sounds in your surroundings. While I was doing my thing recording, I'd pause here and there, and I'd hear some strange sounds from upstairs. There were two times where I would stop, take off my headphones, and from upstairs it almost sounded like a female voice was singing or moaning or howling, I don't know because a split second after I'd take them off, it would stop. Again, this was probably around 2-3 AM. I didn't sleep the rest of the night and kept busy with headphones on until sunrise because I didn't want to hear anything else for I was very freaked out.

Tuesday night again I get home from work around 9 PM. I set everything down that I carried in, made food, and everything was quiet. I had the lights on in the kitchen and living room, the TV was on, and I told myself finally the noises and everything stopped. As I go to lay on the couch an hour later, I turn off the lights in the kitchen then living room, I lay down, and immediately notice that the touch light is on in my godson's room upstairs. Boy did I freak. Now with my stupid mentality I tell myself I'm not going to pay attention. I'm going to ignore it. And I refused to go upstairs to turn it off, or even enter that area. And again a few minutes later I felt the cold breeze against my cheek which went on for a good 15 minutes. Being so exhausted from not sleeping the night before, and freaked out, I managed somehow to fall asleep.

In the morning, I went back upstairs, turned the lamp off, and made sure there was nothing wrong with it electrically. Of course, there were no problems with anything. So it was turned off and I proceeded to my daily activities. What was awkward was when I went to the garage after that to smoke. I didn't open the garage door or anything, I just went into the garage and began smoking. Suddenly, about 15 seconds after I started smoking there were sounds almost like a large fly hitting a window, or like a light knock, which began going from one wall to another in the garage. It'd go back and forth from the left wall to the right, to the wall in front of me and what not. And it went on for the duration of the time I was in there. After I put out my cigarette I went inside, where I heard two more knock type sounds, one in the dining room then suddenly one in the living room. I gathered my things and left shortly after that, kind of spooked out.

Now Wednesday night (tonight) I usually work until 2 AM. At work, I tell my friend about the activates that have been going on at home, and tell them that I swear if anything abnormal happens tonight, I'm not staying another night in that house. My friend of course gets the chills from my story, but begins to think I'm crazy. So whatever, the night ends, and I get home around 2:15 AM. I walk into the house, hang my coat on the chair, set down my work bag, pour a glass of water, and head into the living room. I had been home for about 5 minutes in the kitchen and there was peace and quiet. Right as I enter the living room, where I didn't even turn the lights on yet, I immediately notice that the touch light is on in the bedroom! Not only that, but the moment I look up toward that direction, a baby toy starts playing from the room. Not only did that freak the hell out of me, right after that toy stopped, another baby toy started to play music in the other baby's bedroom on the other side of the hall! I freaked out, grabbed my keys and jacket, didn't even bother turning the kitchen light off, and booked out of the house. I called up my friend and drove a half hour away to stay the night at their place, and don't even know where to begin understanding, nor know what the hell is going on in that house. I'm totally lost on where to go from here to even begin to understand what is going on. Like I have mentioned, I have read and heard a lot about different paranormal activities. I am a very intelligent person, and know that there is a difference between imagination and reality. What has gone on in this house in the past 5 days is pure reality. I cannot find any logical explanation for the series of daily events, let alone even one of them. As I have mentioned, the house is newer, maybe from 2002. There is no history of any deaths within the house. And these activities have suddenly started happening from the moment I have been alone in the house.

Now, the questions that I have are as follows: A.) What kind of ghost or spirit could this be? Because I do believe that there is some sort of presence in the house and it's not all some form of hallucination nor coincidence. Also, nobody aside from me has access to the house. The entire family is in Aruba. B.) What scares me the most is the amount of activity that is coming from my godson's room who is three. I have read and heard a lot about stories that have turned into demonic possession of children, and fear that it may have some sort of affect on him when he returns from the trip. Also the 10 month-old baby, who for the first time tonight I heard a children's toy go off in his room. Who do I contact in this matter? My immediate thought tonight was to call a priest in the morning to come bless the house. But like I said, in my entire life I have never encountered anything this real and am truly afraid for the family and the children. For from the first experience Saturday night where the phone fell off the shelf, to how blunt tonight's activities were with the light on, and two different children's toys playing in totally separate rooms, it almost seems like the spirit is either playing a game or wants me to know it's there. And I question that too. Why is this spirit suddenly doing all of this when I am there alone, and why would it try to be messing with me or contacting me? I haven't lost any immediate or distant family or friends since I was little. Anyone at this point that could help me make sense of all of this, or who to contact would help me greatly. Thank you for reading and any help you may be able to offer.

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