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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Slinger, Wisconsin
Date of Encounter: November, 1987

Growing up I had heard that the high school was haunted by a former student. Apparently this student was struck in the head with a shot-put during gym class and died. Although occasionally you would hear a rumor of his hauntings, I never heard of a specific incident. 

I didn't take this story seriously until I had an experience around November, 1987. I was a senior in high school at the time, and a drummer for our Jazz ensemble. Within the Jazz ensemble, four of us got together to form a Jazz combo band. We would practice at various places, but sometimes we would meet at school to practice in the band or chorus room. I think it was over Thanksgiving vacation when we scheduled a practice for either a Friday or Saturday morning. All but one of our members showed up on time, and after tuning and warming-up for awhile we decided to go call to see where Mark was. 

This was before the age of cell phones, so we went out to the pay phone which was located next to a series of doors leading directly into the gymnasium. Although all of the other hallways were dark, the area where we were located was well lit. Next to the gymnasium, a set of steps went down to where the locker rooms and some classrooms were located. The steps were closed off by a large accordion-style gate. 

After we called Mark's house, he told us he was on his way, so we decided to wait there for him. While we waited and talked, we thought we heard some noises coming from the gym or downstairs. It sounded like someone walking or running, and then it would stop. As we waited, leaning against this large gate, we heard the noise again but this time it seemed to be coming from right behind the door next to us. Instantly, we got quiet and looked at the door in shock. Within a split second after this, the door jolted and flew open toward us. We were all hit by a cold wind across our bodies. Instantly we all jumped, and started running down the hallway in fear for our lives. All three of us were sprinters in track, and I believe we all would have set state records for how fast we ran that morning. After a lot of swearing and freaking out we went back down and the door was closed. We watched from a distance to see if it would happen again, but it didn't. No one else was in the school at the time, and we know our friend didn't have anything to do with it. 

Our only guess is this was the ghost of the student watching over the school. A year later while I was in college, I worked one summer at the school as a janitor. I shared this story with the full-time janitors, and they said they had experiences where doors would open and close behind them and felt like they were being followed.

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