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Witness: Ebby
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: February 28, 2011

I almost always hear small noises and bumps in the night. Plus, I always have the feeling someone is watching me when I'm in bed. The thing is that I only get these feelings when I am in my father's room.

Last night I was resting in his bed with the lights off. I suddenly heard what sounded like footsteps near the entrance of the room. They got closer and closer, and then they stopped right in front of me! I was so scared. I just stared at the ground trying to figure out where the noise was coming from.

My backpack, which was on the floor, suddenly fell over by itself and my books came out of it. I pulled the covers over my eyes.

I eventually felt at peace because the noises stopped. Then, the bed moved as if somebody sat down on it. I ran out of the room so fast! I'm so scared to be alone now.

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