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Witness: Christopher
Location: Chester, West Virginia
Date of Encounter: Summer, 2010

I had an experience when I was about about 5 years old with the 'Ole Hag Syndrome. She appeared to me as a grotesque old witch. I found out years later that the house was haunted.

I'm 41 now, and I have just recently started really obsessing over the supernatural. I started watching Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, etc., and I accidentally invited something in.

My bedroom is in the basement of a 100-year-old house. It was around 3 am, I guess, when I first started to have the feeling that I was in the presence of something not of this world or dimension. This was the first time I ever experienced this. I started to hear like lip smacking, then knocking. Then I started to hear breathing. I said out loud, "OK, I changed my mind! This is too much for me. You're scaring the crap outta me! Please, go away!"

Well, it did.

This all started after I visited a known haunted location in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I also had an experience there, but that's another story. Months later, I bought an EMF detector and an infrared thermometer. I also purchased over three hundred bucks worth of good books about spirits and Wicca.

I read 'em all. For the first time in my life, I read books word for word, page for page.

I was lonely one night when I had a lot more experiences. I decided to try and conjure the entity that had visited me before. I went into deep thought, and said out loud, "I'm sorry I sent ya' off. And will you please come back and visit?"

About an hour passed, I was doing some research on the computer. I then felt chilled to the bone. It went from 72 degrees to 55 degrees in seconds. It lasted for about half a minute. I was like, Wow! Is this you? Are you back?

Then a little later after hearing and feeling nothing, I went to bed. I said a prayer for my family and after about 20 minutes, it happened. I heard a loud thud from upstairs. There was no one there. I've lived in this house for over 15 years and I know this was definitely paranormal.

I smiled, then closed my eyes, and said, "Welcome back."

The next morning, I went upstairs to make coffee, and I as I went to the bathroom, I felt a feeling of dread — and a bit of hate — for no apparent reason. I swear on everything that I stand for, there was a pinkish, brown gooey substance on the toilet seat. I didn't even think to get my EMF detector. I just freaking couldn't believe it. It was, without a doubt, some sort of ectoplasm from this entity.

The message I received from this being was negative. Be careful what you wish for. This entity is still with me all the time. It has completely changed my life in some really and ways, and some good ways. I'll go ahead some other time and write about the night of the nightmares.

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