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Witness: Lauren
Location: Orchard Park, New York
Date of Encounter: on-going

Everyday when I take a shower, I lock all of the doors leading into the bathroom and close and lock all the windows. When I take my daily shower I hear pounding on the bathroom doors and windows. No one is ever home but me. When my parents were about to buy the house the current owner told us her husband died (he killed himself) a week ago in the bathroom. He killed himself because he didn't want to go live in an apartment. He scared his neighbors often and sometimes threatened to kill them. Now, every time I take a shower in that bathroom I always hear pounding on the doors and windows. It freaks me out all the time. Sometimes I even hear and see something moving in the room. I have researched many Web sites trying to find out more information and have only learned that after a person kills himself/herself and wants to have a revenge on someone, they usually haunt the place they killed themselves in.

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