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Coast to Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across AmericaCoast to Coast Ghosts: True Stories of Hauntings Across America
By Leslie Rule
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing (2001)
Pages: 249 – Price: $14.95 review

For those interested in ghosts, this book is filled with factual encounters and photographs. It is the type of paranormal reading experience to relish, for the book is nonfiction and scary. Coast to Coast Ghosts will leave you with a desire to re-read the book again.

A collection of true stories concerning hauntings across the United States, Leslie Rule is careful to present her material in a well-organized and factual format. The photographs which accompany the text are excellent.

In addition to a foreword by Ann Rule, acknowledgments, and introduction, there are seventeen chapters. Chapter topics include haunted homes, the littlest ghosts, school spirits, paranormal pets, ghost trilogy, until we meet again, angel ghosts, ghosts afloat, ghost rush, I’m a Believer, haunted hotels, ice on a balmy breeze, through the eyes of babes, nomadic ghosts, songs for the dead, the Alamo, and America’s most haunted.

The chapter on haunted hotels covers paranormal experiences and ghosts at the Geiser Grand Hotel at Baker City, Oregon, the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, Grove Park Inn at Asheville, North Carolina, the Hilton Hotel at Honolulu, Hawaii, Golden North Hotel at Skagway, Alaska, among others. The ghostly happenings at each site are documented, and in some cases, photos accompany the text material.

An interesting section included in America’s most haunted is the New Orleans French Quarter, Tombstone, Arizona, and Garnet, Montana. The section on the ghosts of the Alamo where the famous battle took place is another area of interest. Readers will come away with a strong interest in the paranormal happenings at the Alamo! Many places and sites are listed, and for those who would dare, each is a place for further investigation on a personal basis.

What makes this book work so well is its honest approach to the subject of ghosts, and a healthy respect for paranormal happenings. The book and the author take both seriously. Leslie Rule is a first-rate writer, and she takes the facts and places them in a meaningful manner that is both educational and entertaining reading.

On page 108 there is an interesting paragraph on the most common places apparitions are seen. The author states that although ghosts can appear anywhere, they are most often reported in five locations: Peering out of windows, on staircases, in hallways, perched in chairs, and in mirrors. The book contains many such insights.

Coast to Coast Ghosts is a nonfiction book about ghosts and hauntings that should be in every home library of those interested in the paranormal. Concise, accurate, entertaining, educational, and enjoyable is one way to describe this fine collection of writings.

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