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Witness: Elle
Location: Penicuik, Scotland
Date of Encounter: October 31, 2000

I live in a small town, just outside of Edinburgh called Penicuik. The main landowner in Penicuik is Sir John Clerk. On Halloween in 2000, me and a few friends thought it would be fun to go down to the abandoned work-house in Sir Clerk's estate, a place where all of his ancestor's workers used to live. In the late 1800's, there was a devastating fire at the house, which wiped out all of the workers.

We decided to to sit underneath the stairs on the first floor. We sat and told ghost stories there for about an hour.

All of a sudden our torches all went off at the same time — this could have been a coincidence, but when five torches all go off it's kind of freaky. We all got scared, and decided to leave. Everyone ran outside the house via the window. Once outside, we realized that one of our friends was missing. We called his name, but there was no answer.

As we were deciding who would go in and get him, he appeared. He was ice cold, and out of breath — we asked what had happened. He told us that when we all ran, he could not move as he felt a strong force pinning him to the ground. He tried to struggle, but could not shake the force. He then became very cold and then the force had gone, and he could leave. No-one really believed him, until he reminded us how cold he was and showed us scratches on his back, and arms, where he had been struggling.

This could be a lie, or maybe he was just freaked out, but i'm not too sure. Has this happened to anyone else?

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