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Witness: Michele
Location: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: October 2005 to present

We came home to a message from our real estate agent that she had found the "perfect home" for us. A small town atmosphere, a tower, and the house was "haunted." We asked for and were given a tour of the home. I taped our interview with the homeowner and when we reviewed it at home we were startled to hear several voices in addition to our own! The house we were purchasing was one of the first built in the area in the early 1800s. It was owned by a writer with the pen name "Gypsy Wild." She was a feisty little lady who did things considered taboo for the times. Smoked, cussed, wore red, wrote "inappropriate" books, and had lovers. After the Battle of Gettysburg, she found and took home a rebel soldier from Virginia who she kept hidden in a "secret room" in her tower. She kept him there through the end of the war and they became lovers.

Gypsy would lock herself in her tower room for weeks on end writing, and her sister, kept a virtual prisoner in the basement, would bring meals to her. Gypsy settled down eventually and married an area doctor. At the end of her long life she had a premonition that she was going to die. She reportedly dressed in her favorite color, red, did her nails, hair, and makeup, then laid down on her bed, crossed her arms over her chest, and died.

Gypsy reportedly haunts the tower and the room where she died. A soldier haunts the room she died in, and her sister has been seen in the basement. Now, back to the interview with the owner. We heard three distinct voices: a young flirty woman's voice, and older ladies voice, and a man's gruff voice. In the tower, you hear me ask "Gypsy are you here?" A male voice sing-songs "Gypsy" and a flirty voice replies back, "Hi Tim (or Jim)." A few minutes later we were investigating into the small hidden space in the tower. My fiancée says as he knock on the floor of the space, "It seems solid," and a male gruff voice declares, "No it isn't." Later we were talking about how the sister would use a dumb waiter to get food to her sister in the tower, a ladies voice declares, "No sh**" Later, the older lady replies to an inquest on when someone would be at the house for repairs. She said, "He will be home for Christmas." In the bedroom where Gypsy died, I was counting off as I was measuring the room and trying to listen to the conversation between the owner and my fiancée. As I trailed off in my counting you hear a man and woman counting off as if they were helping a child learn how to count. The man corrected me when I said it was 12 by saying, "No 13."

We were also encountering a child spirit. My 7 year-old says he has a friend "Jacob" who plays with him. Twice we have heard the voice of Jacob. Once on July 13, 2006 in the night we heard a little, "Hi," and on July 14, 2006 a tiny voice said, "Hi Gramma Jo."

My boys who are visiting, as well as my fiancée have seen a "ghost cat" wander through our living room into our bedroom — going through a door that was closed. Our cats act like they are playing with the unseen cat. My older son has a sixth sense ability and has seen a lady dressed in a gown on several occasions looking from the vestibule into the living room area. A deep sigh has been captured as EVP and a lady's voice told me to, "Paint the room pink" on July 15, 2006. Residents in the area have waved to a lady who appears on our back porch, thinking it was me. We were not home at the time. I think I may have captured an apparition of a lady in the window, but I am unsure how to go about blowing up the picture for study without it pixelizing. Other than the EVP and possible apparition picture, I have taken numerous "orb" (yawn) pictures, we have heard the usual footsteps, felt unexplained cold spots, and doors open and shut. We are not afraid of our spirit residents, and the children as well as myself have called out, "Gypsy I'm home," when we get home. Once I was fumbling with the key to unlock the door and our porch light came on by itself. No one was home at the time, at least no one I could see. Someone also likes to turn the answering machine on and off. I am a writer and I was trying to type up a story I was writing about Gypsy. The machine would turn off, a few minutes later turn on. This went on for about 15 minutes until I said, "Okay, stop it!" The machine was fine for the rest of the night! My fiancée has had fingers teasingly go up his back while doing repairs in the tower room. I have felt taps on my shoulders, and have been shook awake in the middle of the night. My tapes are available to any who would like to hear them. My home is open for investigation to the serious investigator, not thrill seeker as we respect our spirits. As for time of day hauntings occur? Any time. Day or night. More active, however, during the day. Afraid? No! We love our haunted house! 

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