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Chicago, Illinois — Author Troy Taylor knows about “weird!” The longtime writer on subjects of ghosts and the supernatural took an even stranger turn in 2005 when he penned a book for Barnes and Noble Press called Weird Illinois and now he is taking that penchant for weirdness one step further by launching a new Chicago tour based on the book.

On his “Weird Chicago Tour,” Taylor and other members of the staff, including fellow writer Adam Selzer, promise to take visitors for a walk on the wild side of the city in search of the weirdest ghost stories, most haunted places, and downright strangest sites that Chicago has to offer. The tour is designed for not only tourists coming to the city but for lifelong natives as well.

“On some of the tours that we have done, we have highlighted these unusual aspects of Chicago,” Taylor said, “and we get people who have lived here their entire lives and have never seen some of these things.”

The tours are designed to include Chicago’s most notoriously haunted spots; infamous crime scenes; chilling roadways; bloody disaster sites; most unusual pubs; and much more, including some of the weirdest icons the city has to offer. “The main idea is that people never know what to expect from the tour,” said Taylor. “We may visit haunted bars, a spot where hundreds of people lost their lives in a fire, the alley where Dillinger was gunned down, and the home of two dancing wieners — all in one tour. This is not your same old, run-of-the-mill ghost tour. We are doing something really different, that has never been done before.”

One thing is sure; the tour is designed to be fun and to show people a haunted side of the city that they might not always see:

* Is Chicago’s Most Gruesome Disaster Site Really Haunted?

* What’s behind the Bloody History & Hauntings of One Chicago’s Weirdest Bars?

* Did the Virgin Mary Really Visit Chicago?

* What Drove A Man to Create One of the Weirdest Houses in Illinois?

* Did Chicago’s “Sausage King” Really Grind up His Wife to be Served in Chicago Restaurants — and does her Ghost Still Walk Today? 

* Are the Best Hot Dogs in the World Really found in Chicago?

* Is the Chicago’s Most Infamous Crime Scene Haunted by the Ghosts of the Victims Discovered there?

* Did the F.B.I. really kill John Dillinger in Chicago in 1934 — or was it someone else?

Find out the answers to these questions and more on the Weird Chicago Tours!

The “Weird Chicago Tours” begin in September 2006 and after that, tours will run in the evenings during the spring, summer, and fall, with additional Saturday afternoon tours in the winter months. Reservations can be made toll-free at 1-888-446-7859 or visit the Web site at

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